A long time ago on a blog-hosting service far, far away…

Well, four years ago. This very month, to be precise.

On blogspot, if we’re gonna start naming names.

That was where my first foray into online blogging came to an abrupt end. After two years upon the turbulent waves of the internet, my debut media review blog ran aground. By which I mean I stopped posting on it. For two reasons: Firstly, I lost a 1,500 word gig review I was immensely proud of. Fearing I wouldn’t be able to replicate it without doing an inferior job, I shied away from trying. Secondly, my motivational spark was extinguished.

It had been a mildly successful ride. I mean, I wasn’t Den of Geek by any stretch of the imagination, but I knew people were reading my words. I was just hoping more people would comment on them. I craved feedback, discussion and debate – a bit of community spirit – and when it wasn’t as forthcoming as I had hoped, my interest waned.

Which was silly, really, because I was well aware blogging wasn’t a ticket to overnight success, and it wasn’t like I ever stopped writing, either. Except now people were neither commenting on my words OR reading them, because I didn’t publish them.

Until now.

I have finally joined the tablet revolution (huzzah!), and as I was setting up my bluetooth keyboard this evening, I thought this “new start” would be the perfect time for a new blog. Which is why I have moved out of my old digs and migrated to wordpress (plus I kinda forgot my blogspot password!); a blank canvas for this CR@B to (re-)make his digital mark.

Going forward I am sure I will link to some of my old posts (if I’m feeling ultra-lazy I may even port some across), but I will endeavour to balance my output between old, new, borrowed and blue – well, a CR@B’s gotta let off steam!

So welcome to the CR@Bpendium, my own little corner of the internet where I will post film, TV, music, literature and live reviews, as well as reactions, ruminations, rants and randomness. I hope you enjoy my words, and if you feel so compelled, please feel free to make my day and COMMENT!

No pressure, though. 😉

Claws sincerely,

CR@B Howard

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