Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company (Book Review)

Written by: Alexander Freed

Published in the UK by: Century, 2015




Set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back in a post-Death Star, Vader-aware universe, Dragon Age comic author Alexander Freed does an admirable job of encapsulating the galaxy-wide scale of the fight against the Imperial Empire in this dense and often introspective companion story to last November’s hotly-anticipated Electronic Arts multi-player action shooter reboot, Star Wars Battlefront.

Chronology-muddling, side-swapping and planet-hopping between chapters, you have to keep your wits about you as you are introduced to a trove of bizarrely-named heroes and villains, all of whom have scores to settle and personal agendas they believe in.

But despite the staccato-flitting, the dogged characters – both rebel squad soldiers and Imperial grunt men – are surprisingly well-rounded, each endued with ethic-smudging personalities which resonate on different levels. Of particular import is the Governor of an invaded castle who claims asylum with her Rebel captors, and a Stormtrooper with a moral compass who is far removed from The Force Awakens’ Finn.

It is a shame, then, that such principled role models are dropped into such repetitive frontline scenarios, with Sergeant Namir’s titular 61st Mobile Infantry regularly down in the trenches or careening through star systems with trouble on their tail. Scene-defining details (such as planet/system names and calendar dates) blur into an overlong and indistinct war-weary slog which threatens to damage any capacity to care for such strong-willed and sharply-written individuals.

CR@B’s Claw Score: 2 stars

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