The Return of the Living Dead (Blu-ray Review)


Wait, where’s the review? I hear you ask. Well, #ICYMI on my Twitter feed, yesterday marked the start of a very exciting new opportunity for me, as I became a film reviewer for the website of the excellent 80s Picture House podcast.

So for those wishing to read my review of John Russo’s alternative continuation of George A. Romero’s zombie franchise, here is a LINK. I will also be adding an additional link on my alphabetised Film Reviews page.


CR@B fans fear not, the CR@Bpendium will remain open for business and I will continue to post new media reviews here as frequently as my jobs/life/schedule allows. Business as usual.

That just leaves me to say a HUGE thank you to Thom and Dave of the 80s Picture House for this amazing opportunity, and if you haven’t subscribed to their celebration of all things 1980s, then what are you waiting for?!!

One thought on “The Return of the Living Dead (Blu-ray Review)

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