Bad Moms (Cinema Review)

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15 – 101mins – 2016



Mila Kunis transforms from Black Swan to black sheep as the pressures of juggling work and domestic life causes her to go cray-cray at the P.T.A, kicking out her insufferable bum of a husband (David Walton) and failing to kowtow to the playground’s in-crowd – lead by queen bee Christina Applegate – any longer.

Falling in with the outsiders of the parental scene – ‘slutty mum’ Kathryn Hahn and put-upon Kristen Bell – Kunis’ protagonist Amy enjoys a slice of riotous single life before rallying the troops in a rival bid for the P.T.A. crown, ruffling feathers both with the bake sale crowd and her own flock (Oona Laurence and Emjay Anthony).

Bad Moms poster.jpgWith the paternal presence reduced to either ridicule, criticised or eye candy (in the case of blatant love interest Jay Hernandez), I could bemoan The Hangover scribes Scott Moore and Jon Lucas for the overpowering feminist ‘girl power’ inclination in their screenplay, but for all its riotous portrayals and crude humour, Bad Moms is harmless enough fare to be giggled at but not offended by.

CR@B’s Claw Score: 3 stars

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