Reckless (DVD Review)

Image result for zipper film

15 – 112mins – 2015


Belatedly released straight to region 2 DVD with an unremarkably insipid title replacing the US variant Zipper (oo-er!), The Conjuring 2‘s Patrick Wilson is perfectly cast in this intriguing highly erotic political drama inspired by a real life scandal as a professional man enticed into illicit affairs with a string of high-end escorts while congress remains in his wavering, once-focused sights.

As his wife (Lena Headey) and an old family friend-turned-journalist (Ray Winstone) begin to suspect his extramarital dalliances, putting both his personal and political future in jeopardy, jerky, handheld camerawork intensifies hotshot prosecutor Sam Ellis’ moral quandary. Tight-jawed and squirrel-eyed, Wilson encapsulates Sam’s slide into guilt and addiction almost as well as auteur Mora Stephens’ claustrophobic, dank, aqua-hued cinematography.

Alas, the initially captivating script trails off and flounders into a non-committal shrug of a conclusion, leaving me dissatisfied with what could have been a tack-sharp character assassination or shady justification for Ellis’ reprehensible actions. “This year’s Gone Girl” boasts the cover quote from Grave Online, but Reckless is neither cutting or unpredictable enough to be classified a thriller.

CR@B’s Claw Score: 2 stars

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