Equals (DVD Review)

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12 – 98mins – 2015



“We cured cancer, we cured the common cold, we can cure S.O.S.”

In a starkly clinical ‘utopian’ potentiality where to be “Switched On” to your emotions is to be labelled “defective” and sent to the doctor for inhibitors, tantamount to a disease which is on the verge of being cured, two members of the Collective struggle to keep their love for one another under wraps.

With Hollywood heavyweight Ridley Taboo Scott on board as an executive producer, director Drake Like Crazy Doremus’ story was fleshed out by screenwriter Nathan Parker. Comparable to the set-up (if not the locale) of Chris Priestley’s Anything That Isn’t This Czech-inspired novel, it’s a much-told but tantalising concept, with pack outsiders Silas (Nicholas X-Men Apocalypse Hoult) and Nia (Snow White sequel-evader Kristen Stewart) determined to bring some colour to the grey monotone of this regimented society, or leave it hand-in-hand.

“I’m so sick of being scared of being caught.”

Doremus helms his Black Mirror-esque dystopian vision of the future effectively, with the linear structure of the suppressed and sedate future stunning in its sleek efficiency and the message profound. Ultimately, however, by virtue of its own manacles, Equals almost trips itself up; the full force of its emotional impact is muted by its own sullen and sterile restrictions.

CR@B’s Claw Score: 3 stars

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