A Street Cat Named Bob (Cinema Review)

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12A – 103mins – 2016


A drug addict shunned by his family and repelled by society, James Bowen’s inspirational transformation from homeless deadbeat to self-sufficient and employable home-owner is detailed in his bestselling 2012 biography, from which Tomorrow Never Dies director Roger Spottiswoode’s big screen adaptation gets its name.

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RED DWARF XI.6 “Can of Worms” (TV Review)


Dave – Thursday 27th October 2016 – 9pm

Created by: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor

Written and directed by: Doug Naylor


Ten series and two episodes ago – in the hazy mists of 1988’s I.4, to be precise – was the last time Cat (Danny John-Jules) was given his own episode. “Waiting For God” established the evolution – and mass-migration – of the felis sapien race away from Red Dwarf. Since then, everyone’s favourite sharp-suited pussy has been ever-present (if not ever reliable) on ship, but more in an auxiliary role.

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