The Open House (Netflix Review)

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15 – 94mins – 2018



13 Reasons Why must be the sole reason why Netflix bought up this lacklustre home invasion thriller. Their acquisition team must be hoping that the presence of lead actor Dylan Don’t Breathe Minnette will persuade fans of the headline-making, smash-hit teen mystery drama series to give something else with him in a watch. Any viewers that do will no doubt be as disappointed as I was by this poor excuse of a horror from unseasoned all-rounders Matt Angel (an actor by trade) and Suzanne Coote, who wrote, produced and directed.

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Don’t Breathe (Cinema Review)

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15 – 88mins – 2016



“Just because he’s blind doesn’t mean he’s a fuckin’ saint, bro.”

Claustrophobically executed, this low budget real-world horror from Evil Dead remaker Fede Alvarez (and produced by Sam Raimi) is an efficient exhibition in tension. Have-a-go burglars Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Goosebumps Minnette) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) are hoping to steal enough cash from local properties to leave behind their downtrodden neighbourhood and start afresh – but their dreams may well be coming to an abrupt end when they mistake the home of a blind Army veteran (Stephen Lang) living in isolation for an easy target…

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