The Ritual (Cinema Review)

15 – 94mins – 2017



While big money genre tentpoles like Blade Runner 2049 and It will always garner the most fanfare, sometimes the real cinematic gems are the smaller features released with only minimum fuss and which, sadly, often leave theatres before word of mouth has had a chance to take full effect. Say hello to The Ritual, which at time of typing is clinging on at my local Cineworld with just one late screening in only its second week. However, if you read this in time I cannot recommend this creepy chiller enough, so please hot-foot it down to your local picture house and take a walk in these woods…

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David Brent: Life on the Road (Cinema Review)

Image result for david brent life on the road

15 – 96mins – 2016



As the Twitter hashtag has long been promising, #BrentsBack, but he’s no longer the boss. 15 years after his five minutes of docu-soap fame on the BBC’s award-winning reality TV mockumentary The Office, everyone’s favourite “chilled out entertainer” lets the cameras back in for a feature length ‘After Wernham Hogg’ follow-up.

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